Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mod APK Downloads for Android (2018)

You must be a WhatsApp user as WhatsApp is an accustomed and beneficial messenger application with about a hundred million users worldwide. It is also considered as the best platform to stay connected with friends and family. Whatsapp has its official version which we are using in our everyday routine. This official version has features such as video calls, voice calls, images, send files and more. Do you want a change and trend in your Whatsapp? Downloading unofficial Whatsapp mod has become the cutting-edge trend as Whatsapp mod as it has plenty features than the official one.

The web has a number of WhatsApp mod available which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since the official Whatsapp is boring, the new Whatsapp mod has best UI, good customization options, various styles of fonts, plenty themes and limitless sending and receiving files. Whatsapp mod helps the users to change their chat background color. Also, larger files can be sent which has extensions such as pdf, rar, zip and more.

What is Whatsapp Mod Apk?

The web has a number of Whatsapp mod apk available on the internet and there is no harm in downloading it. Users who wanted a change can download the latest mod and enjoy the extra features in it. Let’s discuss few important aspects about top 10 unofficial Whatsapp mod APK downloads.

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mod Apk:

WhatsApp Mod Apk

GB WhatsApp APK

The only famed application which has millions of downloads worldwide is GB Whatsapp. All Android versions are supported by GB Whatsapp APK. Installation for GB Whatsapp is very simple and easy which can be done in minutes from various sites. This app has a number of excellent features such as online status, blue tick, theming and hiding last seen. Users can find themselves in an advanced stage by using this app.

The best part is that GB Whatsapp works on both rooted and non-rooted device. Though there are many Whatsapp mods available, GB Whatsapp is considered the dad for all the apps. GB Whatsapp can be used along with official Whatsapp as dual Whatsapp in a single device.

Some of the unique features of GB Whatsapp are the simultaneous opening of two Whatsapp accounts, privacy options available for both accounts, collective and regular message identification and sending videos of size 30MB. With GB Whatsapp, about 50 images can be sent at once. Group names can be set to about 35 characters, with about 600 people broadcast can be sent, and plenty more exciting features are available.

Whatsapp Plus APK:

Whatsapp plus app is a revised version of Whatsapp with a number of enhanced features in it. With Whatsapp plus app, users can customize their own emotions and make a change in their backgrounds. Some of the best features are instead of 10 users can send 90 images, ban proof, notifications and app icons can be changed, and while copying many messages the name and date can be hidden.

The usual Whatsapp can send videos of 16MB but plus can send about 30MB. Sent messages can be recalled, last seen can be hidden, themes MOD, privacy MOD, and about 13 bubble styles and 17 ticks can be picked. Status can be changes and about 250 characters can be utilized instead of 139 characters. Online/last seen can be seen in the main screen. There are plenty of exciting features and Whatsapp plus is highly suggested for ones who interact more with their dear ones and friends. The third-party app is available online for interested users.

YoWhatsApp APK

Another modified version of Whatsapp messenger is the YoWhatsapp. There are awesome features in it to enjoy. YoWhatsapp has some exclusive features which lures in more users. There are new bubbles and ticks, color of contact name text and widget background can be changed. New android Oreo emojis are available, and also crashing problems are stored by Yo themes. The latest version YoWhatsapp mod apk v7.35 is available online.

Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk App

The rebirth version of Whatsapp plus is known as Whatsapp plus reborn. This can be introduced as an advanced version of Whatsapp. The best beneficial features of Whatsapp plus reborn is it is grey themed and ads removed. It holds a maximum upload size of about 30 MB where photos and videos can be uploaded without compression. Downloading is quite simple which can be followed from the web.

Whatsapp MA Apk

After Whatsapp GB, the next priority would be for Whatsapp MA as it holds similar features as in Whatsapp GB. There is state of the art mods added in Whatsapp MA and bugs are eradicated. Few features of Whatsapp MA is that full resolution images of about 50MB HQ can be sent. It has 4 entry styles, more 80 icons, latest update text, page title text color, forward icon and numerous more.

Whatsapp Prime

The next enhanced version of the list is Whatsapp Prime where group links can be sent easily. The latest version of Whatsapp prime is available which can be downloaded from the sites. The application is considered unique as it has new features which aren’t present in Whatsapp GB. Another aspect is that Whatsapp official version needs to be uninstalled to install Whatsapp prime. In this app the conversation can be muted forever, it has a material teal color application and video limit is enhanced to 70MB in spite of 16.

WAP WhatsApp Apk

WAP WhatsApp is also the unofficial Whatsapp messenger which is available for free for smartphones and Android platforms. In order to message or call your dear ones, the app makes use of your mobile’s internet connectivity. Users can use Whatsapp for messaging, sending images, videos, voice messages, and documents. Whatsapp is considered as reliable, simple and secured messaging. This was the first initial messenger spread across the globe amongst users. The other mods were clones of the same.

Hence Whatsapp is considered as one of the best and free platforms which assist in communicating with people across the globe without hindrance. Thanks to the mind-blowing innovative technology which developed such beneficial messengers for communication. Whatsapp modded APK can be used as they do not harm the privacy of the user.

WhatsApp Indigo App

The next convenient application is the Whatsapp Indigo which has a pleasant look, simple and stable. The main features present with this app change in emojis, 93% colored with indigo, the lock, about and hide pattern are colored. Downloading can be done quickly and easily.

WhatsApp MD Apk

Possesses a more alluring and stylish look and is a free alternative to the usual Whatsapp. There is more number of smileys and design style for the new experience. There are many links available online which can be used for downloading Whatsapp MD.

WhatsApp Gold Edition APK

To have a new Whatsapp experience the Whatsapp gold edition APK can be opted. It holds exceptional features and can be mentioned as a complete set of entertainment as features can be added as required.

Some excellent features are playing videos before download, video call, voice call, voice note can be disabled, unlimited photos and videos sent, sound notification and HD photos can be sent. There are plenty more features which can be experienced by using this app.

Other Best WhatsApp Mod APK:

WhatsApp B58

This app has the greatest update ever for trending features. This app has the size of about 26.6mb and based on beta version. There is privacy mods such as hide status view, pause is last seen and more. There are special mods present in B58 and they are hiding archived chats, hide call button and plenty more. There are numerous features more which can be enjoyed by using this app.


There are a number of reasons to make use of the mod apk as they offer the users a rejuvenating experience. They help in manual customization of the chats which gives it an appealing look. There is a chance to hide online status with the latest messengers. Chats are re-framed and designed and also many other aspects are also performed. Hence the newer versions of Whatsapp as mentioned above are opted and downloaded.

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