Top 10 Best Software Download Sites for PC Free (2019)

Top Software Download Sites for PC: Many of the really useful and necessary software that we use often come as a premium paid software and as regular non-commercial consumers, most of are not able to afford such software most of the time. Or in other cases, you may only require the software for a small purpose that buying the software does not seem like a worthy option.

If the software that you wish to install and run on your system is a paid one, and if you are seeking for sources from where you can download software, then today we brought you a list of the top 10 best websites to download free softwares for your PC & Laptop.

Top 10 Best Software Download Sites

Top Software Download Sites

Lets get started with our list of the top 10 best software download sites.

#1 Softpedia

If you have ever searched for free software online, then you must have come across Softpedia. Softpedia one of the best and most visited websites out there for free software. The website was launched back in 2001 and features almost all the popular software products, even the latest ones.

#2 Filehippo

Filehippo website was launched back in the year 2004. From then onwards, Filehippo has grown to become one of the best online sources for free software and today offers some of the most unique and most required software downloads.

Apart  from offering different kinds of software solutions for Windows powered systems including freeware, open-source software and shareware, Filehippo also has their own set of software solutions for Windows powered PC like Filehippo Scanner and update checker etc.

#3 Brothersoft :  free software download

When you search for free download of any software, some of the top search results are from the Brothersoft website. Brothersoft does not only offer you with software for Windows powered PC and Laptop but also for machines running Linux and MacOS as well.

The website has over 300,000 software solutions listed including device drivers, scripts, browsers, utilities, widgets, games etc. The website also has a very large library of wallpapers for desktop and mobile displays and also applications for mobile devices as well.

#4 Cnet Download

Cnet is one of the most popular news website out there and they are also very popular for their in-depth reviews of hardware and software products.

Cnet also has an online store from where you can download software for free. The Cnet Download website was earlier called and was launched back in 1996 as an online directory for software download.

The Cnet Download website features a very huge directory of software, including paid and free ones, that supports almost all the commonly used operating systems like Linux, MacOS and Windows and the website even features a regularly updated library of the most used and popular applications for the popular mobile operating systems like Android and iOS as well.

#5 ZDNet Download

Another immensely popular online destination to download software is the ZDNet Download website. The website has a lot of years of experience in providing reliable online software download for free and you can also expect to find almost any kind of software products listed in this website as ZDNet Download also has one of the biggest software libraries of any website.

No matter whether you are searching for freeware or shareware software products, you will definitely find them at the ZDNet Download website. Also, there are software products on this website not only for MacOS, Windows and Linux based systems, but also for devices running mobile operating systems.

#6 Tucows

Tucows is a domain registrar and also features a software download library of their own. In its early days, Tucows represented The Ultimate Collection of Winsack Software. However, this acronym has been dropped long ago. Today Tucows Download website stands among the top 10 best software downloads sites there are, and regularly updates their website to list and highlight some of the best software for Windows that you can find out there in the web.

Once you visit the Tucows Download website, you will find that the layout of the website is not as flashy as the others that are listed here. This is mainly because the website largely focuses on bringing you maximum content with less distraction and that too in an easily legible manner.

The home page of the website is laid out with two main sections covering the page, namely, “Featured Software” and “Newest Software”. You can navigate through these titles to find unique and functional software products that include both paid and free ones, or else you can search for a specific software and download it as well.

#7 Freeware Files

The function of this website is very much evident from the name itself. Freeware Files is a website where you can find freeware software products in pretty much every popular category out there. And all the categories are neatly listed down in the website.

The categories of software that you can find in the Freeware Files website include antivirus, essential, education, drivers, developer tools, business and more.

There are two main points that makes the Freeware Files website really exceptional. The first one is the design of the website. The Freeware Files website features a very responsive website design that fits almost any kind of display perfectly.

The second point is that the Freeware Files website also features detailed how-to related articles on software products and also latest news related to upcoming or existing software for any and all of your software related queries.

#8 Softonic

Softonic is yet another really popular online destination for anyone who is interested and wants to download freeware software and other products. Softonic also publishes articles regularly on technology to keep you safe and secure in the technology front and also to get you acknowledged with the latest software products out there.

In case you have any doubts regarding any of the tech products or software, you can make use of the Softonic Forum platform to ask your questions and get answers from people who have experienced issues similar to that of yours and experts as well.

The Softonic website specializes in software for Windows and MacOS powered machines and also features popular and useful list of applications for the Android and iOS mobile platforms as well.

#9 File horse

File horse is another website that focuses on providing you a list of maximum software products other than user design. Log on to this website and you will see that the main highlight in the homepage itself is a list of software products that are categorized under titles like “Latest Software Release” and “Most Popular Downloads”.

The File Horse website lists out some of the most commonly required software products and some of the most unique and new software products as well. So, File horse is a one-stop destination for all your software needs.

#10 Download 3000

Ending up this list of the top 10 best software download sites is “Download 3000”. The Download 3000 is a website that is as popular as the rest of the software download sites listed above. You can find almost all the popular software listed in this website along with installers for their latest version so that you always have the latest version of popular software installed on your device.

Popular categories of software downloads in the Download 3000 website include Audio, Business, Education, Games and Utilities.

Final Words:

The article written above featured the top 10 best software download sites. Many of the websites listed above does not only offer freeware software products for download but you can download paid software products as well.

All the websites are safe to download software from and none of these websites feature any malware or other threats on the software installers. Hope you found the list informative and in case you did, please do share this article with your friends. Comment your views on this List of Best Software Download sites for PC.

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