How is Best AdSense Alternative in 2017

Those who said that Money can’t Buy Happiness, Give me $100 You will See Smile on My Face :v

Making money offline is a little bit old technique, now day’s trends is to make money from online over the Internet just sitting at your Home. Yeah…isn’t it cool..!

Today, I will be sharing one of the best Google Adsense Alternative that you can use to monetize both Non-AdSense blog as well as blog with AdSense Ads too without any issues.

So, when it comes to Making money from Blogging/website/blog, Google Adsense is one of the best monetization program powered by Google through which publisher can make good money from Adsense just by monetizing their blog’s traffic.

But as we know,

Making a Google Adsense Account and getting Adsense approval is not an easy process, especially for a newbie blogger. Also, the real problem comes when Google bans your Adsense account. So whatever may be the reason, If you don’t have any Approved AdSense account or if Google has banned your account then there is only solution is to start looking for some best Google Adsense alternatives and is best one.

There are many best Adsense alternatives but you should choose best among the best. You might also have searched for the best alternative, even tried some of them but no one pays as good as Google Adsense.

Let me ask you one question..!

Do you earn sufficient money from your blog/website? Is that really enough? What if I tell you that you can earn some more extra bucks $$$ with the same traffic…! You might have used Google AdSense or be using Google AdSense and also you might have tried many Ads network to monetize your blog, yeah obviously there are some creepy ads network which use YOUR BLOG to earn money and will be paying you nothing or very low amount.

To earn more you don’t need more traffic, in fact, you need to use perfect and smart monetization technique. Now, what revolving in your mind is Traffic, yeah Traffic is necessary, without traffic you can earn even single dollar, but the smart monetization means to make more money with same traffic and also without affecting user-friendliness of your blog.

So, let me explain “What is” and “How it is Best Adsense Alternative?

What is is a URL Shortening program developed by a European company. is made for those Bloggers, Webmasters and other Internet users who want to make money online just sitting at Home.

Making money using Network is too simple.

What you need to do is to just register for a account, short you link and share it anywhere on the Internet such as on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Whenever anyone click on your shorten link they will go through 5 seconds ads and once they click “Skip This AD“, you get paid.

How is A Best Adsense Alternative:

Shorte st Best Google AdSense Alternative

#1 Use If Your AdSense Account is Disapproved/Rejected:

Google changes their AdSense policies from time to time and becoming more strict day by day. If you don’t have any AdSense Account, your Adsense is not approved till now then there is only one option which I recommend is to go with the best Adsense alternative which is

It’s very simple to get started with It doesn’t require any special account approval process. Visit their registration page and make an account within minutes and start monetizing your blog traffic.

#2 Make Extra $$$ From With AdSense:

If the Google Adsense ads are already running on your blog/website they also you can use with it. Yeah, you have good opportunity to earn some extra $$$ money from and it’s totally safe with Google Ads. That’s mean, one can use Google Adsense ads as well as ads both on same blog/website at the same time and it doesn’t violate any Google policy.

#3 Google Adsense Banned?? Try Now

In case, if your AdSense account is banned on your Website/Blog due to any reasons then there are almost no changes to get it back. In that case, they don’t need to leave blogging, in fact, they can use to monetize their blog’s traffic.

#4 Offers Website Script Generator Tool:

This is the unique feature of, this tool gives you can option to generate your own script and decide what type of ads should appear on your blog which may include Entries Ads(with Trigger type & Timeout option), Exits (to monetize your bounce rate) etc.

The Script Generator Tool also allows you to enable additional ads on your website i.e. Pop Ads.

Pop Ads (Pop In or Pop Out) will open up in a new browser window hidden under the user’s current browser. It’s activated “on click” made by user on your website.

#5 Earn Extra Money from Blog Comments:

There is hardly any Ads network which allows making money through blog comments. But, provide an option to Earn on Blogspot Comments. comment monetizer provides you with the a user-friendly way to earn – using your posts’ comments.

#6 Offers Good Pay Rate & Minimum Payout Threshold:

A good Ads Network should have Low Minimum Payout threshold and this what have, it have $5 minimum payout option and also it gives best paying rates as compared with some other AdSense alternative.

#7 Provides Many More Extra Blog Monetizing Tools:

There are many more awesome features of which distingues it from other Adsense alternatives. It have Pop Ads unlike Adsense offer such things, also have their own WordPress plugin.


So, this was all about and How is Best AdSense Alterntive. I’m not saying it is better than Google AdSene but it is definately one of the Best Google AdSense Alternative which you can run to monetize both Adsense as well as Non-AdSense website/blog and its totally safe with Google Ads. So, what are your waiting for Join & Starting Making Money.

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  1. is banned on facebook. But is one the best monitize network and they will pay from the very first minute. I tried them and my ecpm of first day was $2 which is good for indian traffic.


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