Top 10 Free Logo Maker App for Android for Free (2018)

Do want to create the logo for free? Are you looking for the best logo maker app for Android smartphone? Well, you’re at the right place. Here I have shared the handpicked list of top 10 best free logo maker apps for Android.

Have you ever wonder why every company has a specific logo? You might not familiar with this aim of having a Logo. The logo is not just a sign. Basically, it symbolizes the company. Every Where you can’t write the name of the company, thus, in those situations Logo is an element to use in order represent the company.

Every Logo has its meaning. Having a meaningful logo will allow you to create some difference among other thousands of enterprises.  Have you wondered Why Amazon has a logo designed in that way? Let me tell you that, Amazon’s logo shows that you can get every product starting from A and terminating to Z along with this Amazon’s service will bring a smile to your face.

What is Logo Maker App?

Logo designing is not a tough task. It completely depends on your mind’s creativity. Remember Logo is a brand symbol for your company. There are some tools available on the internet by which you can create some creative and elegant Logos. These tools are often called as Logo Makers. Generally, Logo Makers ask for some information related to your company and then they create Logo as per the information was given by the user.

Best Free Logo Maker for Android (Top 10+ )

Free Logo Maker for Android

Here we are going to share some best Logo maker apps by which you can use your smartphone and can create a symbol brand for your company. We have created a List of top 10+ Logo Makers Apps for Android.

#1 Logo Maker Plus – Graphic Design Generator

Logo Maker Plus is a great app to create an awesome looking logo on Android Smartphone. It is a very handy application with over 1 million downloads. This app allows you to create original Logo via some free tools and colors provided by it. You can use hundreds of symbols offered by the Logo Makers plus.

With the help of Logo Maker Plus, you can create Logo in just a few seconds. If you not having any experience then too you can create a meaning full logo. It is the best app with over 50 thousand reviews and a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

The Key features of this application are that you can also create your social media covers. Thus, you can use it for your company’s social pages.

#2 Logo Generator & Logo Maker

A professional Logo design Studio with over 1 million downloads and around 42 thousand people had given a 5-star rating to this stunning Logo Maker. This application offers more than 2000 editable and customizable templates to create some genuine logos. Along with this, more than 100 fonts are being provided by the App to create a textual Logo.

Ample of text editing’s tools are present in the application in order to create a typography Logo. You will get enough tools by which you can create your desired Logo for your company. You can easily get this app for your smartphone from the play store.

#3 Logo Maker – Logo Creator, Generator & Designer

A complete loaded app to create a professional logo.  Logo Maker app includes hundreds of Arts, templates, and stickers thus, creating as Logo is a matter of few selections. You just have to pick the preloaded arts and templates and edit them a bit, Your Logo is ready. The user interface of this application is pretty decent. Some features like Flip, rotate, curve, crop are too there in the app.

In terms of ratting Logo Maker is rated 4.7 out of 5 and had been downloaded by more than 1 million users. You can be a part of those 1 million families, but for that, you have to visit play store and from there you have to install the application.

#4 Adobe Illustrator Draw

You might be familiar with this app. It’s a Drawing application by which you can create some awesome designs which can be used as a Logo. Adobe Illustrator is one of the best application for editing and creating Logo. You can merge multiple images and backgrounds to create a unique and stunning Logo.

Along with this, you can draw photos with 4 different pens.  Thus, if you want to create your logo by your hands or by drawing then Adobe Illustrator is the perfect app for you.  Almost 5 million users have downloaded the app and it is rated 4.3 out of 5. You can download this app by visiting the Play Store.

Adobe Illustrator Draw
Adobe Illustrator Draw
Developer: Adobe
Price: To be announced

#5 Logo Maker & Logo Design Generator

An amazing application to create professional Logo for your enterprise. You just have to select a layout and then a text and at the end, you have to edit it the way you want.

You will be getting hundreds of layouts and text fonts to create a professional and a stylish logo for your company. You can select some funky stickers to make your Logo more attractive and can draw anything you want over it using Magic Brush.

In terms of ratings, this app is rated 4.4 out of 5 and had been downloaded by more than 1 million users throughout the world.

Logo maker & logo creator
Logo maker & logo creator
Developer: Bhima Apps
Price: Free

#6 InstaLogo Logo Creator (Lite)

If you want to create a Logo instantly then you can go for InstaLogo Logo Creator application. It is the newest application in Logo Creation thus, it is not very popular. However, it had grabbed 4.3 stars ratted out of 5.

Along with Logos, you can create Banners, social covers and other wallpapers to make your company better.  Dozens of Text Fonts are being provided by this application. All the features that a typical Logo Maker application offers are being provided thus, you can give it a try and can download it by visiting Play Store.

InstaLogo Logo Creator (Lite)
InstaLogo Logo Creator (Lite)

#7 Desygner: Free Graphic Design, Photos, Full Editor

Desygner is one of the top logo maker apps available on Play Store for Android. It is a complete package for editing and designing graphics templates for you. There are over 1000 ready-made templates available on Desygner, choose as many you want to make a template.

Desygner Logo Maker App is the alternative time-saving option for template designing for the newcomers who want to make suites but get stuck with the complication of the process. The amount of choice that the user gets is just amazing, Desygner is the right place for the satisfaction of the vote.  with such amazing features and app design, the app earned 4.1 rating point.

#8 Logo Maker and Logo Creator

Logo Foundry is a logo making an app for professional business and marketing group. You get a pool of designs to choose from, with this the creating a logo for your business is just the task for few minutes.

There are many websites and software that provide but the procedure is so complicated that generally, people don’t have time to get through the whole function. Logo Foundry is the app that saves your time and it comes with some simple process that you can learn within few minutes and you can create the logo in no time.

#9 Brandee: Logo Maker & DIY Logo Creator

Brandee is the perfect app for creating DIY logos, you get all the designs that you are looking for creating a logo for your startup. It is simple to use an app, all the designs are arranged according to their genres.

You’ll get the best of design tools to edit and many other features like a color picker for the logo. There are some finished logos available that you can choose from and customize them according to your preference. With such a variety of design and simplicity of the app to operate you will find no difficulty in creating the logo for your startup. Brandee has a rating of 4.5.

#10 Cover Maker – Flyer Maker & Flyer Designer

The cover maker has inherited its strength from the logo maker and design maker craft. Now making cover photos is easy it will only take few seconds for you to create your first cover photo.

Cover maker was created with the primary objective of creating amazing cover photos for Facebook. In addition to the designs, many filters and options are available for designing. You can resize the image or crop it the required size you can also import the image and edit it.

#11 Logo Maker- Logo Creator to Create Logo Design

If you need a kickstart to create your Logo. Logo Maker application provides you over 1000 preloaded Logos from which you can select your desired Logo. This application offers you the feature of 3d rotation, filters, and several fonts.

Along with this, you will get 100+ background by which you can create attractive and stylish Logos. Around 1 million people have used this application and had ratted it with a 4.3 star out of 5. thus, you can also give it a try by visiting Play Store.

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