Free DoFollow Backlinks From 10 High PR Sites

Get Free DoFollow Backlinks From 10 High PR Sites

Dofollow Backlink plays very important role in SEO and helps you in ranking your website at top position in search engine. So, in OFF-Page SEO, building do follow backlinks is one of the essential work. What, if I told you that you can get 10 FREE Dofollow Backlinks from High PR site. It will boost your ranking in Google, Bing and other search engines.

High PR Dofollow Backlinks help your blog or website to increase ranking and finally increase the traffic. Now, tell me do you want Free High PR Do-follow backlink? Yes, off-cause, who doesn’t want…! So today, I will be sharing the List of 10 Best High PR Websites which you can use to Get 10 Free Dofollow Backlinks. Let’s see.

I am the one which always keep experiments with some things and after some experiments and research, I found These are the Top 10 Websites which Gives Dofollow Backlinks totally Free just by joining their website and applying some techniques. The list is shared below.

Free DoFollow Backlinks From High-Quality PR Websites:

High PR Dofollow Backlinks


#1 Do Follow Backlink from StudioPress PR

  • Go to Studiopress
  • Register for a new account there.
  • Verify your Email and go to your Profile.
  • Click on Edit and fill your details.
  • In Biographical Info, Add some details about you, add your link there as <a href=””>Your Keyword</a>
  • That’s it, now you’re getting DoFollow backlink from PR

#2 Do Follow Backlink From Codecademy PR7

  • First go to Codecademy.
  • Register there for a new account.
  • Go to your Profile and add your website/blog link.
  • That’s it. You’re done and this will be a dofollow backlink from PR7 site.

#3 Granta Gives Dofollow PR 7 Backlink

  • Go to Blogadda.
  • Now click on Sign Up to register yourself for new account.
  • After verifying your email, Navigate to my account.
  • Go to My Account > Submit Your Blog.
  • Now you have to do is to add all your blog details and click on Submit and that’s it.
  • You will get a dofollow backlink.

#4 Free DoFollow High PR Backlink from Granta

  • First of all, Go to Granta.
  • SignUp a new account on their website.
  • Fill your profile details and add your website link while filling profile.
  • All done, it will be a PR7 backlink.

#5 High PR Free Backlink From Mozilla Site

  • Go to Mozilla.
  • Sign Up there for free Mozilla account.
  • Now fill the required details and click on Submit.
  • You have to Verify your email in order to get your account activated.
  • Now it’s time to log into your Mozilla account and add your bio with a website’s link, that’s it.

#6 Get Unlimited Backlinks from –

  • Open and copy the email address.
  • Open in another tab, Create an account with that email and claim your Blog.
  • Click on Certify your site metrics, Click on Start your free trial.
  • Add your Billing address.In the Payment Method Section, select the Credit Card as the payment method and fill the following details

Card no. – 5415 9150 8279 4576

CVC- 938

EXP.- 6/18

  • After filling the payment details click Next,
  • Click on Start Subscription,
  • Open ( Replace with you claimed Blog link) Scroll down you’ll get an option to edit site listing, click on it add the URL’s along with keywords.
  • That’s it, Now you’re getting Free Do Follow Backlink from High PR Site.

#7 High-Quality Dofollow Backlink from Eventful

  • First go to eventful.
  • Sign up there to get eventful account.
  • Verify your account there.
  • Click on profile button and there you will see a button “Add More Info“. Just click on it.
  • Add link which putting your info using : <a href = “”> Your Keyword </a>.
  • That’s it, you will get high PR backlink.

More Will Be Updated Shortly……..


So guys, these were the list of sites which gives  Free Dofollow Backlinks.  We will update this list from time to time so that you can enjoy many Dofollow backlink From High PR Sites and High-Quality Websites and Rank & Bank. Keep visiting Tricks Galaxy. Thanks.


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