Top 5 Best Sites to Transfer Big Files (Send/Receive) Online in 2017

Have you ever tried to Send large files online to your friends or other? if yes, then have you got any best possible way to share large files and got success? Ok whatever may be the result in past, it doesn’t matter because I am going to share to 5 Best Websites to Send Large Files online.

Why Send & Receive Big Files Online?

There may be many reasons which make you send large files online. Now-a-days, most of the work is done through outsourcing with freelancers. You need to transfer large project files online via Internet.

As we know there is some size limit in normal emails which we generally use like Google, Yahoo etc. So you need to use some alternative way to send large files online. Today, I have picked top 5 best websites which lets you transfer big or large files with many more features online.

5 Best Sites to Transfer Big Files Online – Free & Fast

Best Sites to Transfer Big Files Online

#1 SendSpace – Receive or Send Big File

SendSpace is the best website to share your big files online. It’s very easy to use and if you want to go with basic version, you can send a file of the maximum size of 300MB in a single attempt and of course its free and registration not required.

The downloading speed of Free plan is basic and the files transferred can be downloaded anytime within 30 days. Yes, up to 30 days the files will be stored in server and after that, the file will be unavailable.

However, SendSpace has Pro and Pro Plus plan. If your needs are many more than Free plan then you can buy Premium Plan.

Pro Plan: In Pro plan, you can send your large file upto 4GB of size with lifetime store in the server. That means you can download your big files whenever you want, it will be availalbe all time. it can give you fast speed and you can send 100GB per month. They offers Pro plan for $8.99/Month.

Pro Plus: Pro plus is more advance and for professionals. Using this plan you can send your single big file upto size 10GB  with monthly sending capacity of 300GB. Upload and download speed will be more fast and with lifetime store facility. You can buy it for $19.99/month from their site.

#2 TransferBigFiles: Transfer Large File

TransferBigFiles is another great site which let you transfer your big files online without any issues. It offers 4 type of plan or account type. With Free plan you are allowed to send your single file size upto 100MB file in single attempt.

These files will expire in 5 days. So you need to download your large file before it expires. Many more plans are availble on TransferBigFiles like PERSONAL($5/month), TEAM($15/month), BUSINESS($50/month).

So, with these premium plans you will get more features like- Faster uopload, faster downlading speeds and many more awesome feature. If interested, you can go with TransferBigFiles.

#3 : Tranfer or Send & Receive Big Files Online

We Transfer is one of the great website to send transfer big files online. You can send up to 2GB per tranfer and can tranfer as often as you like. The best feature of WeTransfer is that you can transfer your blig file to 20 peoples (20 Email Addresses) at once. You can buy WeTransfer Plus if you want.

Feature of WeTransfer Free Plan:

  • It’s free
  • Send up to 2GB
  • No registration
  • Simple and secure

We Transfer Plus offers following features:

  • Supersized transfers
  • Download pages branded by you
  • Full control over your transfers
  • Extra layer of transfer protection
  • Show your own backgrounds

#4 MailBigFile : Mail/Send & Receive Big Files

MailBigFile is also one of the top website to send or mail you big file to your friend or receive big files from anyones. It comes with 4 type of plan. Plan are FREE, PRO, Business Lite, Business.
With Free plan you are allowed to send files upto 2GB and you files will be availble for 10 days.

#5 : Best Way to Share Large File 

Hughtail is one of the best way of online file sharing and storing. It offer you to send large files securely. You can send files up to 10GB from your computer or mobile device and control exactly who sees your work. You can access your work from anywhere as it gives you unlimited file storage online, you can use our mobile and desktop apps to access your files wherever you are.

Last Words:

These are some Top 5 Best Website To Send & Receiver Big File Online. You can use any of them you want. Hope you have like this article. Send, Receive You Big File Online, Enjoy and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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