Top 30 Free Music Downloader Apps for Android to Download Songs (2018)

Best Apps to Download Free Music: Music is the medicine of the mind. It makes our mind fresh and active. Music has got the power to take us to a different world. We can’t imagine a world without music.

You can enjoy music in many ways such as downloading your favorite songs on your mobile, through radio Fm channels or via TV channels. Nowadays everybody prefers a new way to listen to music. There are many free music apps on your phones. If you are using android phones you can find many android music apps on play store.

Some of them are free to download music. After downloading the app you can play your favorite songs or else you can download it. These apps are very useful for music lovers who enjoy hearing songs all day.

Top 30 Music Download App for Android

Best Apps To Download Free Music on ANDROID

Do you know about Music download apps for android? There are many music download apps available for Android. Choosing best of them is a tedious process. So to help you here are some best music download app for android.

Music Paradise Pro – Best Music Downloader app

Music Paradise Pro is a very good music download app for Android users. You can play or stream songs online or download them using this app. Downloading and installing Music Paradise Pro app is completely free. You will find thousands of songs from rising artist and many other popular songs also. Downloaded songs will be stored on your android device.

It will not consume much phone space. You can do other things while playing or downloading songs. Music Paradise pro has got an amazing browser which helps you to find anything related to your search. Also, it gives you suggestions based on your search. It’s also very easy to operate. Finally, it is great music download apps to download and listen to music. Interested? Then you can go with it.

Spotify Music Downloader App

Spotify music is a very popular Android music app for music lovers. There are millions of songs in this app. You can listen to your favorite songs and download them for free. This app has songs suitable for all occasions.

You can search music collections of your favorite celebrities, singers and your friends. Spotify music app allows you to create radio stations by including your favorite songs.

You can also customize this app according to your needs like language preference, artist preference etc. You can also take premium membership to enjoy ad-free unlimited music.

Spotify: Musik und Podcasts
Spotify: Musik und Podcasts
Developer: Spotify AB
Price: Free

Sound Cloud- Music & songs

SoundCloud is a trending music app which enables you to listen to unlimited songs. You can also upload your favorite songs on this app. This musi app is completely free and you can download it from play store.

SoundCloud enables you to customize your own playlist if you don’t have time and patience to search each song every time. Also, this app will give you suggestions about top songs.

In SoundCloud Music app, App’s search engine is very efficient and helps you to find right track according to your mood. You can live stream songs and download it. Many tracks are downloadable for free or else you have to purchase it. This is a very good app with many features

SoundCloud - Musik & Songs
SoundCloud - Musik & Songs
Developer: SoundCloud
Price: Free+

Wynk Music App

Wynk Music is wonderful music app. Yeah, it’s the great choice to listen to Hindi songs, Regional and English songs.

You can download Wynk Music app from play store and listen to high-quality unlimited music. First, you have to sign up for this app and you can create your own profile. It allows downloading songs and creating your own playlist. There are many radio channels with unique playlists. Wynk Music works on data savings mode so won’t use all your data. Enjoy unlimited high-quality music through Wynk music app.

Wynk Music- New Songs, Offline Music & Podcast App
Wynk Music- New Songs, Offline Music & Podcast App

Google Play Music

Google Play music is a perfect choice to enjoy unlimited music. You can download songs and create your own playlist using this app. You will find all genre of music from all around the world. There are many radio stations also.

You can stream radio stations based on your favorite songs. If you want to enjoy an ad-free music experience you have to subscribe to Google play music. Also, you can upload your favorite songs to the cloud using music manager.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Saavn Music and Radio

Saavn Music app is a popular music app for android users. Music lovers will be addicted to this app. It won’t eat up your phone space. Savann has millions of songs from different languages.

In this music app, you can customize your own account according to your taste. Savann also gives you the list of new and trending songs. There are many radio stations from which you can hear songs based on your mood like party songs, work out songs, romantic songs and many more.

You can subscribe to Saavn Pro to enjoy ad-free unlimited music and downloads. All songs are of high quality and you are going to love this app. Saavn also broadcasts celebrity chat shows and many other entertainment shows.

Saavn Music & Radio
Saavn Music & Radio
Price: Free+

Gaana Music App for Android

Gaana is one of the best music downloader app for Android. It’s an excellent app to satisfy your music quest. It gives you free access to millions of Hindi songs, other regional music and Radio Mirchi on your phone. You can find any song even if it is an old classic song.

Also, you can choose your language preference so that, it gives you suggestions based on your preference. You can download Gaana app on your phone, listen to music and download your favorites. It is one the leading music streaming app that lets you enter into the world of music.

Gaana Music : Songs & Podcasts
Gaana Music : Songs & Podcasts

Hungama Music App

Hungama music gives you free access to unlimited music. You can listen to music from all Indian languages and download your favorite songs through this app. You can free music download and enjoy music from anywhere with a wifi connection. It won’t use much phone space.

You can create your own playlist and share it with your friends. It is only music app which gives video streaming and downloads option. You can get points when you watch videos and you can redeem it whenever you need. It has also got mood recovery feature which gives you suggestions of music based on your mood.

Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove is a music streaming app from Microsoft. It offers live music streaming with subscription through Window store. You will get a one-month trial offer. You can listen to unlimited music and download songs from this app. Users can create playlists using their favorite songs and can share with their friends.

Microsoft Groove
Microsoft Groove
Price: Free


This music app is especially for workouts. You will get songs from all genres like hip hop, Jazz, Rock etc. These songs will give you more energy to work out. RockMyRun app works on a new technology called Body Driven Music.

Using this technology it automatically adjusts music to sync with your can manually control music based on your work out speed. According to latest survey playing workout music can improve your work out by 30%.

RockMyRun - Best Workout Music
RockMyRun - Best Workout Music

Napster Music App

Napster Music is a very good music app through which you can listen to unlimited songs. It also allows you to download your favorite songs. Napster is a great music download app which is completely ad-free.

You can enjoy endless music without any obstacle. This app has got many features like music match and mood match that helps you to find music according to your mood and taste. You can enjoy 30-day free trial and after that, you have to get a subscription to enjoy this app.

Napster Music
Napster Music
Price: To be announced

Pandora Music Download App

Pandora Music is a popular music app which streams live music. It is also a free music download app that allows creating your own custom radio. Pandora is a simple app to use and also got many new features.

You can combine various stations into one using variety feature. Its news feed gives you updates about new songs and trending radio stations. Also, it keeps the history of all previously played songs. You can download your favorite songs from this app. This app is completely free.

Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts
Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts
Developer: Pandora
Price: To be announced

Advanced Download Manager – ADM

Advance Download Manager is not actually a music download app. ADM is basically a superb download manager for Android that you can use to download any files videos, programs and images from this app at a faster speed other than downloading music.

This app has an inbuilt web browser, you can search your favorites, listen to songs and download them on this app. Also, you can find lyrics of your favorite songs on this app. It has got many special features such as accelerated downloads. It allows you to download 3 files at a time. Finding a music link is not that easy but once you found downloading that link is very easy.

Slacker Radio

Sacker radio is a high-quality free streaming internet radio app for Android. It takes you to a new world of music where you can find unlimited songs and download music to phone.

You can also download your favorite songs and customize it to create your own radio stations. You can find all genre of music that fits for your mood. Also you can share songs with your friends via this app. Slacker radio gives you updates on all news from news channels. You can sit back and enjoy unlimited songs from various music categories by downloading Slacker Radio on your android phone.

LiveXLive - Streaming Music and Live Events
LiveXLive - Streaming Music and Live Events
Developer: Slacker Inc.
Price: To be announced

Free Music- free songs

Free Music is a good mp3 streaming app also; you can download your favorite songs for free. It has songs from all genres like jazz, pop, rock and many more. Also you can search songs of your favorite artists and enjoy them. You can create your own playlist and share it with your friends via this app.

Free Music app is a very user-friendly music download app and gives you an unmatchable music experience. It won’t use more phone space. You can enjoy unlimited songs like a radio with a wifi connection.

Omega Mp3 download APK

Omega is a very good app for android users to search their favorite song. Omega Mp3 allows you to listen to your favorite tracks, download manager for Android. You will get all kind of songs from this app.

Also, one important feature of this free music download app is you can listen to songs without downloading it. There are many sites available from which you can download this app. You will not get this app directly from play store.

SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader

SuperCloud mp3 downloader is another awesome music download app which enables you to download mp3 songs to your Android device. This app is not available on Play store.

You can download it from other sites. It allows you to listen to songs before downloading it. There are many songs available to download. You can search your favorite song or by the artist’s name. Then it will show you the results for the search.

It is very easy to operate and useful for music lovers. Play your favorite tracks online or offline using this app.

Audiomack Download New Music

You can stream and download new music albums, mixtapes, and songs using Audiomack music Download app. There are many categories like hip hop, Jazz, Rap, mixtapes and Reggae music from which you can choose your favorites.

This music app is absolutely free and you can download your favorite tracks and listen to them offline without using data. Also, this app shows you trending songs and playlist created by experts that you can listen based on your mood. Also, It allows you to create your own playlist and share it with your friends.


4shared is also one of the most popular and trending free music download app for android users. It allows free installation and downloads. You can stream live music at the same time of downloading.

It is easy to find your favorite track on this music download app. Give the song name or artist name in the search area. Then it will show you result based on your search. In just one click you can download that song. Music stream is completely free. Try this excellent app; you are going to love it.

Developer: New IT Solutions
Price: Free

Mp3 Music Downloader App

Mp3 Music Downloader is a very useful app to download music with many more excellent features. You can search, listen, stream and download songs via this music app.

Download high-quality music for free from this app and share it with others. Also, you can download multiple files at the same time which is a good feature. Search songs by name, artist name, genres, instruments, popularity and many more. This app is simple to use and allows faster downloads.

Free mp3 Downloads App

Free mp3 Downloads app allows you to search, listen and download new trendy songs. This mp3 music app is absolutely free and you can download unlimited songs in just one click. Search for your favorite song and it will show you the download link for that song. You can download the song by just clicking on that link easily. All the songs are of high quality and you can listen to them anytime offline.

Kostenlose Mp3 Musik
Kostenlose Mp3 Musik
Developer: Programitas, MB
Price: Free

Music maniac ProMp3 Downloader App

Music maniac is basic music downloading app. It allows you to download thousands of mp3 into your android device so that you can listen to unlimited songs offline. The only drawback of this app is pop up ads. It is a good music download app for music lovers because it gives access to thousands of songs for free.

Frostwire App

FrostWire is a torrent client or Mp3 and video downloader with fastest downloading speed. This is a unique feature of this app. For other torrent apps, you have to search content outside the app. Unlike other sites, you can search required file inside the app and you will get search results instantly, download the link in just one click.

Also, you can play the file before completing the download which is great when downloading the larger file. It is designed with a built-in music player so that, you can download and play songs in the same app.

Download Mp3 music App

Download Mp3 music is a simple and faster mp3 downloader for android users. You will get music from all genres of pop, jazz, Rock, rap and all instruments like piano, violin, Guitar and many more.

It has got a good selection of songs and you can find your favorite one and download it instantly. You can search by song, artist, genre, moods etc. You will get millions of songs from many famous and new artists. You can listen and download high-quality songs for free via Download Mp3 Music App.

MP3 Musik runterladen
MP3 Musik runterladen

SONGily App

SONGily app is a very good free mp3 download app for music lovers. You can download songs and listen to millions of tracks through this app. It is a free app and one of the special features includes inbuilt video converter.

You can search songs by typing track, artist name or album name. You will get all results related to your search and download your favorite song by just clicking on the link. It enables you to download high-quality music at the faster speed.

Developer: SONGily
Price: Free

Anghami-Free unlimited music App

Anghami Free unlimited Music is one of the largest music streaming apps for music lovers. You will get all type of song from all regions. Download your favorite track, create a playlist and share with others.

This music download app gives you song suggestions based on your taste. Also, it updates you about new upcoming and trending songs. You will get high-quality unlimited music by downloading Anghami app from play store.

Anghami: Play music & Podcasts
Anghami: Play music & Podcasts
Developer: Anghami
Price: Free+

Skull Mp3 Music downloader Pro APK

Enjoy the best music downloading experience using Skull Mp3 downloader pro app on your Android phone. You will get access to various types of songs and download it for free. You can search songs easily based on artists or albums.

One special feature of this app is a powerful equalizer. This makes your music sound more unique and professional.

Pep Mp3 Downloader App for Android

Pep Mp3 Downloader is also a good free music download app for Android. You can download this app easily from many sites. Listen to your favorite songs with an internet connection.

You can also download your favorite tracks from this site also you can do other tasks while downloading files. All downloaded file will be stored on your SD card. It is easy to find the track you are looking for and this app has got a built-in integrated music player. It allows listening to music online and offline.

Itube Mp3 Music Downloader App

Itube Mp3 Music Downloader is a popular music downloading app with great reviews. There are songs from all over the world and you can find your favorite track just by searching it. This app is free and there are no annoying ads also.

This mp3 download app is designed with a powerful and inbuilt music player which allows you to listen to any songs while downloading it. You cannot find this app from play store. Download it from other available sites. Use this amazing app and enjoy music without any interruption

Tunee music Downloader

Tunee Music Downloader is a popular music downloader for music maniacs. You can find millions of songs in this app. You can listen and download your favorite tracks.

It provides high-quality music with faster download option. Multiple downloads possible at the same time without any hindrance. Download the latest version of internet sites. This app is not available in play store.


So, this was all about the best music downloader apps and we have shared a great list for this purpose. All these apps are most popular music downloaded apps for Android. You will get an idea of music apps and features of each app.

Most of these music apps are available for free on Google Play store. You will get others from various internet sites. You can be in touch with music whole day online or offline through these music apps. It helps us to be positive and more productive. Share your views on this topic in the comment box and also share which is your favorite music download app that you use on your Android smartphone.

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