Top 10 Best HD Wallpaper Apps for Android {2017 List}

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android: Downloading HD Wallpaper and backgrounds for your Android device is quite easy these days. There are various apps which let you find most awesome looking Wallpapers within a minute. Yeah, today I am gonna share Top 10 Best HD Wallpapers Apps for Android Phone.

Android is really one of the most popular and widely used mobile Operating System. And, one of the best things about Android is how customizable it is. It is owned by Google. PlayStore is also Google product where so many third party apps are available which gives your Android phone a beautiful and fresh look but most of the time installing theme package, transformation packs or live wallpapers can make your device slow. Though you can root your android to get admin access and improve/boost its speed a little bit but that’s not the good option.

So, If you’re looking for free Android Wallpapers then you don’t need to start installing themes or messing around with rooting to make your phone look great, you can do it just by adding an awesome wallpaper. Here are some best free wallpaper apps.

Top 10 Free HD Wallpaper Apps for Android

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

#1 Backgrounds HD: a Large Community of HD Wallpapers

Backgrounds HD” is the app that I will suggest as the best free wallpaper apps for android if you ask me. Yeah, I have installed this app on my Android smartphone. It’s really great that is why It is listed as #1 here. I have tried not only this but also tried all the wallpaper apps mentioned in this list.

You can find tons of interesting wallpapers in many different categories. Backgrounds HD app has the cool interface, Google material design and fast & light to make the greater performance.

You can also find beautiful images by viewing “number of downloads” or “rating“. Once you find the impressive wallpaper, you can save them in your Phone or SD Card for future uses or if you want you can directly set them as wallpaper from the interface itself. Backgrounds HD is cool and interesting wallpapers app, also daily new wallpapers are updated here.

Hintergründe HD (Backgrounds)
Hintergründe HD (Backgrounds)
Developer: OGQ
Price: Free

#2 500 Firepaper: for Automatic Wallpaper changes purchases

Any Wallpaper App is only good if they can find wallpaper for you – that’s the strenth of 500 Firepaper. It picks the images from their outstanding collections posted on 500px.

500 Firepaper is a basically a global community of photographers where they post attractive images everyday. You never need to look at that boring old wallpaper again, or you don’t need to search for hours for a nice new wallpaper. This wallpaper app will show you quality photographs from all over the world – different ones each day!

#3 Wallmax : Wallpaper App

If you want to search through thousands of wallpapers and download them in one click then Wallmax is something you would be interested. To be frank, it is an amazing wallpaper app for Android. It’s simple and responsive UI along with tons of wonderful designs and photographs are also great. On Wallmax, you can view & choose which image to download based on different category and resolution as well.

Wallmax uses Material Design and it is one of the few apps that lets you find wallpapers particularly by resolution.

#4 Wonderwall – best wallpaper app

Wonderwall provides tons of best nature and landscape photography wallpapers. It is a bit new wallpaper app but still a good one. Wonderwall features a lots of hand-picked photograph that display various landscapes to download as your wallpaper. New wallpapers are added every day.

So, if you’re Nature or Landscapes or both Wallpapers lover then you’ll blindly claim this as your best wallppaer application so far.

Like other best wallpaper apps, Wonderwall is also designed to be simple, beautiful and delightful UI created with Material Design principles in mind – believe me, you will fall in love with the design yourself. In addition you can also upload your own wallpaper on Wonderwall.

Wonderwall - Wallpapers
Wonderwall - Wallpapers
Developer: Ignace
Price: Free

#5 Meter: Google Wallpaper App

Meter is developed by Google Creative Lab – a mind-blowing wallpaper app for your Android Smartphone. It is an Android experiment which displays information or data about your Phone such as Battery Level, Wireless Signal Strenth, Notifications as the Live Wallpaper on your Android’s background.

Yeah – whatever you have heard is right…! Meter turns the date into a live wallpaper. It creates basically three types of simple visualization which will be cycled through every time you unlock your phone’s screen. The wallpaper will also change when you move or tilt your device. If you think this is the best Wallpaper app for your phone then you can install from the below link.

Developer: Google Creative Lab
Price: Free

#6 Walloid: for Stock Manufacturer and ROM wallpapers

Are you looking for setting up the Stock wallpaper of other brand phones to your Android phone? Then, Walloid is probably the best Wallpaper App for you.

Basically, we can’t transfer stock wallpaper from one android device to other. So, you can’t use other manufacturer’s wallpaper on your phone. e.g. you can’t use Samsung wallpapers on OnePus or other etc.

But, there is no same restrictions now….!

Just install Walloid, It has a huge collection of Stock Wallpapers of an impressive list of devices from various brands like – Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nexus, and plenty of others, as well as ROMs like CyanogenMod and much more.

There is also an interesting feature in Walloid app which is “Random Wallpaper Loader Widget” that helps you change your wallpaper automatically even without opening the app.

#7 Wallrox Wallpapers: for ultra high definition

Hundred of good wallpapers is far better than having thousands of useless wallpaper which doesn’t make any sense.

If you love Ultra High HD Wallpapers, then you will surely love Wallrox Wallpapers. This wallpaper app is a cloud-based app – currently having 600+ mindblowing Material Design 2K (3200x2560px) QHD or UHD quality Wallpapers to make your Android screen look crispy.

You can easily download and set as wallpaper from the app itself. Wallrox is frequently updated with original, modern and handcrafted wallpapers and new images will be added whenever possible and you don’t need to update the application because of the cloud power. In addition, while setting any image as wallpaper if you want you can also crop the wallpaper before applying them.

Wallrox Wallpapers
Wallrox Wallpapers
Developer: Double A Studio
Price: Free

#8 Wally: For Variety Wallpapers

Wally was the first wallpaper app out there to have Material Design” This app provides a huge range of user-generated wallpapers of differently sezed images from various genres, including comics, computer generated art, nature photos, outstanding drawings and more.

Wally features a ton of wallpapers which you can download easily and quickly. It is also constantly being updated with new awesome images. You can even search for wallpapers sorting by resolution, aspect ratio and by category and much more options. It’s an open source wallpaper app and totally free to use on any Android device.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

#9 Cool Wallpaper HD: for Android Wear

Cool Wallpapers HD is not as popular as Backgroud HD but it is also wonderful wallpaper apps regarded bu it’s users. It’s rating is 4.8 out of 5 with over 390,000 reviews.

If you’re looking for a wallpaper app that is supported by Android Wear then you should go with Cool Wallpaper HD. The images are just excellent with endless varietly. Also, you can soft the wallpapers by its category or even do a search, there are tons of fun images.

Cool Wallpapers HD
Cool Wallpapers HD
Developer: Kappboom Inc.
Price: Free

#10 Tapet: for a taste of the infinite

Tapet is relatively new app and quickly gaining popularity. This is neither a live wallpaper app nor offer wallpapers. Instead, it offer you an array of gigantic services that you can’t even imagine. It actually generate wallpaper for you.

You just have to do is to select a pattern along with some colors and the app will generate an awesome wallpaper for you. The best thing is that each wallpaper generated is based on your phone’s screen resolution. In addition. this app neither consume much of you data nore drain your battery.

Tapet Wallpapers
Tapet Wallpapers
Developer: Adrian Aisemberg
Price: Free

Wrap Up:

So guys, this was the list of some Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Android Device. Yeah, having best wallpaper apps in your smartphone can really help you in giving your phone a new look every day – you can apply any wallpaper of your choice.

There might be more similar apps available over the Internet. If we missed any great background and wallpaper app for Android – tell us about them in comments. Also don’t forget to comment which is your favorite Android Wallpaper App??

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