20 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites 2018 to Watch Sport Online

Free Sports Streaming Sites: In today’s digital era, every one of us prefers to watch various sports on websites. But do we know which among them are best for online streaming?

Sports have been a take away for most of us from this busy world and with the advancement of technology it has reached to many sports lovers through different means and mediums. To be precise live streaming websites have helped a huge sports fan base to watch their favorite sports games live without even spending a large chunk of their savings on buying tickets.

Be it any mainstream game or any single league sport, live streaming has gained a huge audience for itself in this digitally growing and prospering world. All the matches and the competitions of various sports have been served to their fans via online sports streaming websites and applications.

Top 20 Free Sports Streaming Sites 2018:

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

  1. Watch ESPN

ESPN has been from long perceived as one of the best sports streaming sites across the world and with Watch ESPN it has offered a best and an excellent live streaming experience for the online streamers. It covers most of the sports with specially acing in football, basketball, baseball, cricket, and hockey.

This website has three major categories with Live now, Replay and Upcoming. They have even launched the applications very much similar to their websites for online streaming and they were among the first sports websites to launch their own application for live streaming purposes.

Watch ESPN website is one of the finest online streaming websites with high speed and great user interface.

  1. FirstRow Sports

Firstrowsports website can be accessed through firstrow.eu now. Though it is not aa mainstream website but has gained a lot audience from the features and benefits it has been providing to the online streaming users.

It offers an option for all the users to even add various sources of online streaming on the website to facilitate other users for the same. With this feature, first row outstands itself from others in the league of online streaming.

  1. HotStar

HotSTAR is an India based online streaming website, which has gained a huge audience in a very short duration after its launch. It is owned by Star India, which already has numerous channels on Indian broadcasting networks for entertainment.

HotStar caters to Indian audience the most, Kabaddi and Cricket are the most amusing sports for Indians and they are streamed on HotSTAR for free after users sign up. The User Interface of Hotstar is amazing and has, therefore, gained such a high popularity in various Asian countries.

4. BatmanStream.net

Batman stream online streamer is recommended for multiple sports lives streaming such as for NFL, boxing, Hockey, Football, Handball and much more. It offers live streaming for free. This website has been used by many online streamers for watching live matches of Hockey and football. Though it is best recommended for sports such as Rugby, Hockey, Golf, Football et cetera.

  1. StreamWoop.tv

This website is a must try out. It offers a numerous prevalent online streaming of sports games such as racing, basketball, football, golf, boxing, cricket et cetera. The navigation of the website is too easy and has a very simple user interface for streaming purposes. In fact, it also offers a search box for the website users to instantly and quickly search out for their favorite sport to be watched live or streaming its replay games too.

  1. CBSsports.com

CBSsports has been a renowned name since it has been launched and maintained by a famous American television network CBS. CBSsports is the sports division of CBS. It can be considered as a website for news and updates on sports of America.

CBSsports offers a live streaming and updates of the games with notifications directly on the mobile, laptop, PC or any another device.

  1. StarSports.com

Star Sports has been well known for its sports love on television broadcasting level, but they have also maintained the same reputation on an online streaming level too. They have designed a website for online streaming every sport which would be telecasted or broadcasted on their channel Star Sports. The website offers all kind of replays and highlights of old matches, scorecard, match predictions, live match streaming, sports news and much more.

  1. watch sport online.cc

watch sports online was launched for the focused target audience, and therefore initially it was for mainstream sports live streaming. But later, it added various other sports to its interface for catering even a large audience of sports lovers. This website also provides nearly all the sports live stream and has a simple design with easy UI.

  1. BossCast.net

This website for online streaming can be perceived as one of the dual usage online streaming website. Since it comes with an option of chatting with similarly interested persons in any sports. Various online streaming websites provide a simple comment option for their users to put their views and emotions related to the sport or the game on their websites, but BossCast.net offers a live chatting option with the persons having similar sports interest as they do.

The websites ask the user to initially select the TimeZone they live in and then opens a pool of live streaming sports to watch through itself. It also offers various different channels televisions live streaming too.

  1. FootyFire.com

This is most of the time referred to as one of the most and free websites for streaming purposes. There are various videos too that can be watched for free. The website has been designed on a basic level and hence is very easy and simple to use.

On the homepage itself, there is a big search option via which the user can search out for their favorite live streaming sports form the website. And with the video streaming, the language of the video and the name of the provider of the video is also displayed beside it on the screen.

  1. allsport-live.net

Allsport live has been an amazing facilitator of various online games replays and their live streaming too. As the name already suggests that they cater most of the games and sports for online streaming. In fact, for flaunting purposes, you must know that they stream sports from across the world in around 20 different languages.

They have designed a very clean user interface and have therefore made the entire globe excited about watching online sports for free.

  1. stream2watch.co

This website can be utilized for online streaming as well as for watching live television stations too. It has been developed with an amazingly appealing layout and simple design for easy navigation and increasing the user interface index.

This website is stress-free with a simpler homepage containing various sports live streaming options on it. Though it is recommended for football lovers since they have invested a lot of time and money on creating and providing the best experience to all the football lovers through their website.

  1. StreamSports.io

This is among some of the new websites launched for catering the requirements of the online sports streaming sites. But in a short span of time, it has gained a huge audience on its website. The reason for this huge developed audience is that it has attempted to stream nearly all kind of sports on its interface with majorly concentrating on large viewers for various famous sports across the world.

A unique feature of this website is that its advertisements free. Therefore, if you get irritated from all those advertisements pop-ups then do visit Streamsports.io for a non-irritating experience of online streaming.

  1. Laola

Laola is another best online sports streaming website which is usually recommended by various lists and websites for the live streaming purposes. It is because of its high class streaming facilities and reviews.

The sport streaming website has been designed and maintained on an international level and therefore has the capability to provide its user with nearly all kind of sports from around the world. The stream provided by Laola is in High Definition always and also offers an option of purchasing a premium account, which would provide an access to all the HD content of the websites free from all the advertisement and with high speed too.

  1. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is another best Indian online sports streaming website, which is owned by Indian television broadcaster Sony. It has started to pander most of the NRI and foreign audience with the content they have been providing to the users via their website and application.

They offer nearly all the updates through well-versed scorecard, graphs, live commentary, for sports such as Tennis, Cricket, Basketball and much more. This website is a much try and in fact, essentially recommended for Asians.

Other Best online Sports Streaming sites

  1. 1XBET

1XBET is an online streaming and betting website. It is a traditional bookmaker with a average rating of 2.6.

  1. Si.com

Si.com is yet another website for live streaming of NFL, NHL, NBA, college football, soccer, tennis et cetera.

  1. FlashScore.in

FlashScore.in website renders around 5000 plus competitions from 30 plus sports including, ISL, I-League, IPL T20, ICC cricket, I- League and ATP/WTA tennis tournaments.

  1. VIPLeague.se

VIPLeague is a website for Live Sports Streams for free online, be it EPL, La Liga live football streaming, Serie A, Live NFL, live NBA, Bundesliga, live MLB, live NHL, Rugby Motorsports and much more.

  1. RedStream

RedStream is basically an online streaming website for football only. It is focused on streaming football live for its target audience.


The websites listed above are one of the most used and well searched for online live streaming of sports games. Some of these websites have been there for numerous years now and some of them have just joined the league to provide an excellent experience to all the sports lovers across the globe. Though all of these websites are best in the online streaming business various benefits and features of these websites majorly are the deciding factor for various users to decide the best one and hence it may vary from person to person.

The above list covers nearly all the major online streamers of major and minor sports across the world with their idea of streaming, their features, and their benefits. This would surely help you to get an understanding of which online streaming website is best for you! Hope you liked the list of best free sports streaming sites of 2018.

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