Top 5 Best Internet Download Manager for Windows 10/8.1 /7 PC/Laptop 2017

You can download your favorite movies, software, games, videos etc anytime. It supports Proxy servers, FTP and HTTP protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies. The best thing is that using IDM you can pause and resume the downloading process whenever you want.

So, in such case, downloading using a Download Manager is a great way to this kind of software are specially made for downloading. In following lines, I have written about Download Managers and best reasons to use Download Manager to download all files.

Best Internet Download Manager Softwares for Windows 10 PC

Hi, I am going to share Top 5 Best download managers for Windows 10 PC/Computer. Are you the person who keeps downloading software, videos, movies every week.?Then let me tell you that direct downloading doesn’t give you full speed. Internet browsers are made for browsing and if you download in a browser then you will never get much speed.

It’s not recommended to direct download any big files in a browser, a computer is an electronic machine, who knows what will happen in next seconds.

Suppose you are doing so and if suddenly the internet stops working then resuming the download is not possible. At the times, then you will lose your unfinished download and also there will be some wastage of internet data.

What is Download Manager Software?

Well, Download Manager is a special kind of software which is specially made for downloading files from the Internet at maximum download speed. These are made with their own special intelligent technology which can boost your downloading speed up to 3-5 Times.

Reasons to Use Download Manager Software

  • Resume Support Facility,
  • Checks for Virus after downloading completed,
  • Boost Downloading Speed up to 3-5 times,
  • Support Proxy Server and much more

So it’s better to use Download Managers to download any kind of files from the internet. Here is the list of 5 Best Download Managers, You can use any of them you like.

Top 5 Best Download Manager for Windows 10/8.1/7/XP in 2017

Best Download Manager for Windows PC

#1 IDM – Internet Download Manager


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is truly the best downloader software which I personally use to download all kind of files from the internet. IDM is the tool that boosts download speeds by up to 5 times.

Features of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

  • IDM has special Download Accelerator which boosts download speed upto 5 times.
  • IDM supports all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and more browsers.
  • It’s intelligent technology can accelerate download speeds upto 5 times.
  • Resume Feature of IDM lets you resume unfinished download from the place you left off.
  • IDM automatically check files for any viruses on download completion.
  • Quick update
  • Support Multi-language.
  • IDM supports Proxy Servers.

#2 Free Download Manager [FDM]

FDM (i.e. Free Download Manager) is similar to “Internet Download Manager”. Like IDM, FDM is also a powerful software which you can easily use to download all kinds of files from the Internet. As the name implies, it is absolutely free download manager plus download accelerator.

Features of FDM (Free Download Manager)

  • It’s absolutely Free Download Manager.
  • Free Download Manager(FDM) splits files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously which directly increase download speed.
  • It has advanced Browser Integration.
  • Using Free Download Manager you can Resume broken and unfinished download from where it was interrupted thus saving your time, nerves, and internet data.
  • It has Smart file manager
  • HTTP/FTP/BitTorrent support
  • It lets you adjust traffic usage for browsing the Internet at the same time downloading files.
  • Site Explorer features lets you view the folders structure of a web site and you can easily download necessary files or folders.
  • Using FDM you download only the necessary part of a particular zip file.
  • It supports Multi(30) languages.
  • HTML Spider lets you download whole web pages or even whole web sites.
  • FDM is Absolutely free and 100% safe

#3 Download Accelerator Plus [DAP]



DAP stands for Download Accelerator Plus is one of the fastest Free download Accelerator and most complete set of download tools. It is available in both paid and free versions. DAP is with technical advancements that provide the best download experience.

Features of DAP:

  • Pause and Resume your broken or paused download whenever wanted.
  • Advanced patented technology accelerates download speeds.
  • Automatic Mirror Speed Boost feature will auto switch to faster mirror sites while downloading.
  • Inbuilt download security program.
  • Browser internet and download file directly with DAP
  • Smoother, responsive and faster download manager.
  • DAP is available in 48 Languages.

#4 IDA – Internet Download Accelerator



Internet Download Accelerator is the effective solution for top 3 problem about which you think before downloading anything from internet. Yes, I am talking about SPEED, RESUMING broken downloads, and MANAGEMENT of downloaded files.

Features of Internet Download Accelerator

  • IDA has FTP Explorer;
  • It has site manager for password and download folders management;
  • You can schedule your download with scheduler
  • It lets you control download speed
  • IDA has the Automatic mode for the most comfortable browsing on the Web while downloading.
  • Dial for dial-up connection
  • Search for files, programs, games, and music effectively.
  • IDA offers IDA toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox Browsers.

#5 FlashGet – The Best Download Manager



FlashGet is top leading download manager which uses MHT technique and optimization arithmetic and can truly speed up downloading speed up 6-10 Times. It can optimize downloads, giving you a speed that is impressive enough!

FlashGet has superb features to give you, such as you can easily install and get new skins. Also, there are some interesting add-ons available for FlashGet to increase features. FlashGet is indeed promising as a software to manage downloads in your Windows PC!

Features of FlashGet Download Manager:

  • FlashGet is 100% Clean, free and easy to use.
  • It can call anti-virus automatically to clean all type of viruses after finishing the download.
  • Increase & Boost download speed up to 6-10 times.
  • FlashGet supports HTTP, FTP etc. protocols
  • It has powerful files management feature.

Final Words:

So guys, these are the Top 5 Best Download Manager for Windows 10/8/7. So, better to use a download software to download your favorite movies, software, videos etc. These are the software which can accelerate and boost downloading speed up to 6-10 times.

Share your feedback in comments and also mention which is your favorite Download Manager software.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Internet Download Manager for Windows 10/8.1 /7 PC/Laptop 2017”

    • Hi Vishal,

      Yes, IDM is my all time favorite download manager and I’m personally using it from long ago

      However, other download managers mentioned in this list is also good. Each of them has their own unique features.

      But, according to me, Internet Download Manager is the Winner of this race and that is why IDM is listed as #1 here.

  1. I’ve used IDM for 7 years and it is still the best. however, i have to tell the truth that my internet connection speed is just so “fast and furious”, i rarely use IDM these days.

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  3. Thanks for the reviews, but I must add a comment.
    I have been using Speedbit’s Download Accelerator Plus as a Premium user for 13 years. I find it odd that a lot of reviews (current ones like yours) are not aware that it does not have full integration with browsers as many reviews suggest. It was a great program, but it is “legacy”. The last update to the application was in 2014. It does not support FireFox 64bit for example. Over the years the application has become very buggy. Support from Speedbit is good, but they had stated that it only supports FireFox 32bit. It also does not support Microsoft Edge, not that I use it. I just wanted it to be known that Speedbit’s DAP is not a current up-to-date application and some features no longer work or will not integrate into browsers properly, particularly if you are running modern 64 bit browsers.


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