Top 10 Best Download Manager for Android | IDM for Android (2019)

Best Download Manager for Android: Downloading files on PC can be done quite conveniently and with high speed irrespective of the file size as there are several third-party software and extensions available on the internet which can help you with the task.

The same cannot be said about downloading files on your Android devices.

Problems like termination of download due to faulty network connection and not being able to resume it later or slow download speed are encountered regularly while using an android device.

Is there any download manager app that can resolve these issues? Fortunately, Android play store contains several applications that are highly capable or managing your download contents and meanwhile optimizing the download speed. Here is the list of top 10 Download Manager Apps for Android, sorted based reviews, features and user ratings.

Top 10 Best Download Manager App for Android:

Best Download Manager for Android

These are the best in the business which provides overall optimization and allows the user to download links easily and at a great speed similar to what happens in a PC. These are the best downloading android applications that offer download managing services.

#1 Advanced Download Manager – ADM

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is a super-effective download supervisor application made for the Android stage. This application gives you a chance to download files in three distinct parts and a particular set download speed is kept for each of these parts. ADM allows the user to pick the best download speed for the respective part.

Besides, the download does not terminate if the data connectivity is lost during the process. The downloading process will resume with the same efficiency after the connection is back.

It also has a built-in browser that can be open the download link if the given link is not a direct one. The downloaded files will later be sorted based on their types and saved in different folders. You can even save the download links to be downloaded at another time.

Features of Advanced Download Manager:

  • Accelerate the download speed using multithreading.
  • Runs the download task in the background and backup files are saved on SDcard.
  • A home screen widget.
  • Auto-retry and completion notification are worth mentioning.
Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager
Developer: AdvancedApp
Price: Free

#2 Download Accelerator Plus – DAP for Android

Download Accelerator Plus

Its compatibility with almost all types of file formats is what makes it be one of the top free download managers.

The download speed is optimized to its best and boosts the speed by splitting the file into several parts and use multi-threading for the purpose. Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously or added them to a queue for later and these files are directly saved on SDcard.

Features of DAP:

  • Auto-detect downloadable links whenever encountered or copied to the clipboard or opened.
  • Built-in browser with the feature to save the history and bookmark pages and more file extensions. Download through QRcode scanning.
  • Auto-resume interrupted downloads due to a failure of internet connectivity.
  • A feature to handle errors, which helps you prevent the interruption of download threads.
Download Accelerator Plus
Download Accelerator Plus
Developer: FunAIs JSC
Price: Free

#3 Download Manager Accelerator

Download Accelerator for Android

Download manager accelerator is also the best download manager that provides features to overcome limitations of other managing application.

The user can even schedule the time for the download to resume and also has the feature to resume download only when connected to WiFi.

Features of Download Manager Accelerator:

  1. 5x download acceleration and faster downloads with multithreading.
  2. Live download progress bar for speed indicator.
  3. Simple and user-friendly interface which is really attractive.
Download Accelerator
Download Accelerator
Developer: Keerby
Price: Free+

#4 IDM Download Manager for Android:

IDM Download Manager android

IDM download manager for Android allows the user to efficiently manage any file size on your Android device and provides scintillating features like authentication, integrity checking, support for all file types and life-cycle management, making downloading as a cake walk.

Features of IDM for Android:

  • Allows file downloads of any size even when they are unknown.
  • Top notch browser features including tabbed browsing, HTTP authentication, auto-suggestions and voice search.
  • Downloads any format and can do it from links or shared files.
  • Features that allow you to use the downloaded files from this application itself like set the image as wallpaper, play video, rename or change location or even delete files.

#5 Downloader & Private Browser

Downloader & Private Browser for Android

This is as good as any other player in the market and provides faster downloads along with auto-resume and pause features in case of any issues. Fully enabled browsing and accessing downloaded files using in-app features like video playback or audio.

Features of Downloader & Private Browser:

  • Allows you to store downloaded files in a password protected file and private browsing.
  • Downloads of all kinds of format.
Developer: Mirmay Ltd
Price: Free

#6 Loader Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid download manager

Loader Droid Download Manager is a great android application for downloads and allows the user to download all kinds of files varying from images, videos, apps etc.

This download manager app also splits the download into three parts and accelerate the overall download speed. It also allows the user to resume any interrupted or paused downloads later at any time.

It has the auto-resume feature which will resume the download once the issue has been resolved.

Features of LD Download Manager:

  • Auto-recognition of all download links from the browser.
  • Customizable dark and light themes for the interface.
  • Scheduled downloads and auto-resume and auto-pause.
  • Will work under any kind of network connection, WiFi or mobile data.
Loader Droid
Loader Droid
Developer: Dmitry Voronkevich
Price: Free

#7 Easy Downloader Pro for Android:

Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader Pro app provides the fresh user with an attractive demo that can guide the user on how to add the downloads and use the features of the application.

It comes along with browser support from browsers like dolphin and firefox.

The user can also select the network from which download should occur, like WiFi or mobile data.

Features of Easy Downloader Pro:

  • 10 downloads at the same time
  • Multiple protocols supported so multiple files supported.
  • Allows you to manage SDcard and rename downloaded files.
  • Progress bar and completion notification.


#8 Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android

This download manager app lets you manage all downloads in the same location and it is packed with a clean and simple user interface.

It does not advertise with all the unwanted features and hence focuses its optimization wherever required.

This is one of the most downloaded apps with over 10 million downloads and this is because of its versatile interface that supports multiple file formats.

Features of Download Manager:

  • Voice search for quick actions
  • 3x download speed and allows social sharing of downloaded files.
  • Resume, cancel and pause features with an active progress bar for the ongoing downloads.

#9 Fast Download Manager for Android:

Fast Download Manager for Android

Fast Download Manager for Android offers a convenient way to download the files in a faster manner and directly from the application by using the built-in browsers like Firefox and dolphin.

This IDM app even allows its user to navigate the files to the download location and manage the old and new files directly from the application.

Features of Fast Download Manager:

  • Faster downloads using multi-threads( up to 10 threads)
  • Runs in the background and enables to pause and resume at any point in time.
  • Accessing the files through any application you like from this application itself.
  • Instant and quick access to downloaded files and other frequently visited websites.
Fast Download Manager
Fast Download Manager
Developer: MaxigetDM
Price: Free

#10 Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager for Android

Turbo Download Manager app can boost your download speed by 5 times by using multiple HTTP connections.

It allows the user to change the settings, including that of buffer size and increasing the number of connections in order to optimize the download speed and increase them even further.

Features of Turbo Download Manager:

  • Configuring download direction settings.
  • Supports files of any size even in the high GBs.
  • Completion notification.
  • Runs the download in the background and can process up to 10 at a time.
Turbo Download Manager
Turbo Download Manager
Developer: Point Blank
Price: Free

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Best Download Manager – Conclusion:

These are the best android download manager apps that can you provide yours with an impeccable download experience. By using any of these above-listed apps, top class optimization and high-speed downloads are assured.

Depending on the needs and your usage capacity you can choose whichever suits you the best. I hope you have liked this list and now you don’t need to search on Google anything like – idm for android etc.

Share your views/suggestion/question about this topic in comments. Also, don’t forget to comment which is your favourite internet download manager app for Android?

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