7Coupons Review – Get Different Kinds of Coupons at Once Place

Buying stuff online has become a trend these days, everyone from kids to parents hate going out to malls, after all a computer screen is much more comfortable, obviously.

And the yet another benefit is, you can apply coupons and discounts to E-commerce portals, I doubt you handing over coupons is much of a fashion out there in the real world anymore.

And I’m pretty sure you know and have used a number of coupons, but it may come as a surprise to you but there are more than one varieties of coupons.

And that’s what I’ll take you on a journey of throughout this piece.

7Coupons Overview:

7 Coupons Review


Discount Coupons:-

These are the most obvious and commonly used kinds of coupons. As the name suggests, you can use them to avail a discount on the product.

So you still pay for the product, just the price gets discounted down to the much more pocket-friendly range.

They might be for any kind of E-commerce platform, be it Happily Unmarried Coupons, Flipkart Coupons or Amazon.

Free Shipping Coupons:-

Shipping charges sometimes surprise me. When I buy a product for $10, the shipping charge itself is $10+ and that’s really weird.

Anyway, what free shipping coupons do is they do not add or affect your “product cost” but you sure get the item shipped for free, which is a great deal on the overall cost of the product.

Expiring Coupon Codes:-

This is the other kind of coupon available in the industry these days, they are sent out publicly to an E-mail list, or just to the general audience via different promotional methods.

Well, the only difference between a normal coupon and the expiring coupons is, they expire after a certain date, a specific number of purchase, or any other condition as such.

Specific Condition Coupons:-

Well, it’s not the official name, but just something I stitched out of that little brain of mine.

Basically, these are coupons with special requirements. For eg., You must be a buyer from a certain location, or you must buy the product within certain dates, or your total cart order must be of a pre-set amount before you can apply this and the list goes on.

A lot of companies have used this and still do, the reason is unlike “Discount” coupons which is a direct hammer to the profits of the companies, “specific condition coupons” actually give the companies an edge too, and they can get those conditions fulfilled before giving away discounts.

I used such kind of a coupon last time with Ajio Coupons and that was my first encounter with them.

Exclusive Coupons


These are my favorite kinds. They aren’t sent out to the general audience. Instead, they’re made for a specific number of customers, and they’re notified especially via E-mail or any other communication method.

This does make you feel special, and the discounts are pretty heavy too, for the simple reason that the company doesn’t have to worry about the public going crazy with the coupons, instead only those specific set of people will use them.

And hence it’s a win-win for both the customer as well as the companies.

Final Words:-

So that was all I’d say as far as this “types of coupons” article is concerned folks. Hope it gave you at least a shred of new knowledge.

If it did, I’d be more than happy to get your feedback in the comments section. Also, do let me know your favorite kinds of coupons, and the last coupon you used.

You know, just keep the interaction going. Point being, just make use of the comment box.

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